EXCLUSIVE: Steve Englehart's The Batman Script Treatments From 1986

Episode 366: EXCLUSIVE: Steve Englehart's The Batman Script Treatments From 1986

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Englehart's The Batman Script Treatments From 1986

Show notes

Comic book writer Steve Englehart (The Laughing Fish, co-creator of Star Lord) once wrote two script treatments for what would become the Batman 1989 movie. For years, he's claimed that the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton film was based off of his uncredited work, but scarce details were known about it...until now! Thanks to an anonymous fan, we can exclusively break down Englehart's treatments, with comic and movie images to help visualize it, before we answer the question: just how much, or how little, did Steve Englehart's script treatments carry over into the final film?

Thumbnail art by our co-host Zachary Jackson Brown.

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