The Catwoman Movie that Never Was

Episode 333: The Catwoman Movie that Never Was

The Catwoman Movie that Never Was

Show notes

In our special year-end episode (AND 80th Anniversary of Catwoman episode), we go over the closest we could have gotten to a Tim Burton Batman 3: the Catwoman spinoff!

Catwoman (1995) would have starred Michelle Pfeiffer reprising her role as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, with Burton directing. We go over Batman Returns writer Daniel Waters’s script, which felt like “The Boys” before The Boys existed! Here, Catwoman moves to another city and leads a rebellion of Catwoman imitators against a group of “superheroes” who are secretly supervillains. We dive into the full script and why it was never made. Guest starring Zachary Jackson Brown, who did the thumbnail art for us.

Also features our end of year sketch “Crisis of Infinite Batmen” with Zack as the Mark Hamill Joker, Ben as the B:TAS Batman, Andrew as the LEGO/Bale Batman...and a few surprise guest characters!

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