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The Dark Knight Deep Dive Part 3 - The Nolan Trilogy VS the Comics

Apr 6, 202099 minutes

It’s the final part of our competition between THE DARK KNIGHT vs. the source material! Recorded pre-quarantine, we voted once again for our preferences and then discussed which take did the better Two-Face origin and what Goyer & Nolan’s original plans were for the rest of the trilogy. We then tallied up the final scores and were in for a surprise...Listen to find out what it was.

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Batman: Contagion ft. Dustin Lee Massey

Mar 23, 202090 minutes

WorldOfMera Interview - Instagram Famous

Jan 27, 202034 minutes

Is Batman a Rip-off of the Shadow?

Dec 9, 201956 minutes

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

Dec 2, 201950 minutes

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Nov 25, 201967 minutes

The Return of Batman Script Deep Dive

Nov 18, 201959 minutes

Bruce Wayne Pilot Episode for the WB

Nov 11, 201969 minutes

It was Gotham before Gotham ...sort of.

Batman: The Musical

Nov 4, 201948 minutes

Batman almost had a musical.

Batman VS Dracula

Oct 28, 201983 minutes

The Batman's (the cartoon) only movie.

Aronofsky's Batman Script

Oct 21, 201986 minutes

What happened to Aronofsky's Batman script?

Batman and Mr. Freeze: SubZero - Looking Back

Oct 14, 201970 minutes

Finish him!

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